-Introduction: Statistics defined uses of statistics, scope of statistics, Data and their types, Variables and their classification, Classification of statistical techniques, Measurement scales /levels.

-Presenting data: Data processing and summarizing, Frequency distribution, Tabulation of data, Moments and Skewness /Kurtosis, Graphical presentation of data : (Histogram, Frequency Polygon, Bar diagram, Pie chart , Leaf-stem, Box –Jenkins, etc).

-Measures of central tendency: Central tendency, Measures of central tendency (Mean, Median, Mode).

-Measures of dispersion: Dispersion/Variability, Measures of dispersion (Mean Deviation, Quartile Deviation, Standard Deviation & Variance).

-Simple correlation and regression: Scattergrams, the regression line, correlation coefficient, Uses of correlation and regression, Method of least squares, Linear regression, Regression of X on Y, Regression of Y on X.

1. Theory & Problems of Statistics, Murry R. Spiegel
2. An Introduction to Statistics & Probability, M. Nurul Islam
3. Advanced Practical Statistics, S. P. Gupta