-Basic Concepts, Real Number and Set Theory: Definition of variables, Equations etc., Integer, Fractions etc., Definition of Set & set relationships, Operations on Set, Laws of operation of Set, Cartesian Product, Relation & Function
– Theory of Set: Definitions (Set, element, finite infinite, null unique, equal, equivalence, subset, comparability, disjoint, family, power, universal) Venn diagram, representation of sets, basic operations (union, difference, intersection),De Morgan’s law, idempotent law, identity law, partition numbers and elements of sets etc).
-Laws of Indices, Graphs, Static Market Equilibrium: Laws of Indices, Slope, Intercept, Definition of equilibrium, Partial market equilibrium linear model & equilibrium solution, Partial market equilibrium non-linear model, General market equilibrium model (two commodity), Equilibrium in National Income analysis.
-Matrix Algebra: Definition, terms & Concepts, Matrix Operation (addition, subtraction & multiplication), Laws of Operation(commutative, associative & distributive law), Identity matrices & Null matrices, Transposes & Inverses & their properties, Condition for Nonsingularity, Rank Matrix, Determinant and Nonsingularity, Evaluating Determinant, Laplace Expansion for Higher order determinants, Properties of Determinant, Solving linear Equation with Inverse, Cramer’s Rule, Application to Market model, Application to National- income model
-Comparative Static Analysis: Concepts, Difference Quotient, Derivative, Derivative & Slope, The concepts of Limit, Rules of Inequalities, Absolute Value, Solution of Inequality, Continuity of a Function & Differentiability of a function.
-Differentiation: Rules of Differentiation& Practice, Partial Differentiation, Economic Application (marginal & average functions, relationship between total, marginal and average concepts).
-Differentiation & Comparative Static Analysis: Application to Comparative Static, Analysis (market model, National-Income model), Differential and derivatives, Differential and Point Elasticity, Total Differential, Rules of Differentials, Total Derivatives, Implicit Function rules, Inverse function rules.

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