-The Theory of Consumer Choice:Budget constraint, Preference,Utility, Choice, Demand- Price consumption curve and demand curves, Income consumption curve and Engel curve. Slutsky’s equation: Income effect and substitution effect. The theory of revealed preference. (Examples from health sector)
-The Theory of Production: The Production Function,Homogeneous Production Function, Properties of Linear Homogeneous Production Function,Stages of Production and Health Production Function; Technological Constraints,Iso-cost. Isoquant. Producer’s equilibrium, Expansion path, derivation of the cost curve from the production function, Technological Progress.

-Cost minimization:Returns to scale and the production function. Different types of cost, cost curves and their interrelationship: Long run and short run view. (Examples from health sector)
-Perfect Competition:The supply decision of a competitive firm: short run and long run view. Profits and producers surplus. Industry equilibrium in the short and long run.
-Monopolistic competition: product differentiation, equilibrium of the firm, comparison with pure competition
-Monopoly: price discrimination, natural monopoly, Multiplan monopolist, bilateral monopoly,
-Exchange: The Edgeworth box, Pareto efficient allocation, Walras’ law, Equilibrium and efficiency, first and second welfare theorem

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