-Introduction: Importance, Need of Health Care, Demand for Health Care, Production of Health Care, Health Care Financing, Efficiency and Equity
-Demand for Health Care: Access and Access Barriers, Health Seeking Behavior, Medical Tourism, Grossman Model and Its Implications, Determinants of Demand for Health Care, Social Determinants of Health
-Market Failures and The Role of Government: Information Asymmetries, Externalities, Affordability and Deprivation for The Demand of Health Care, Government Intervention
-Efficiency in Health Care Production: Concept, Technical, Production and Allocative Efficiency, Different Methods of Measuring Efficiency
-Resource Allocation and Equity in Health Care Service Delivery: Concept, equity in health, equity in access, equity in health service utilizations, Measurement of Horizontal and Vertical Equity, Resource Allocation Formula
-Provider Payment Mechanisms: Prospective Payment Mechanisms, Retrospective Payment Mechanisms, Per Capita Reimbursement, Per Case Reimbursement, DRGs
-Financing of Health Care: Concept, Private finance of health care services, Government financing and private supply, Public supply and financing,Tax Financed Health Care System, Private Health Insurance, Social Health Insurance, Community Health Insurance, Out of Pocket Payments, User Fees, Other Non-Traditional Methods of Health Financing, Medical Saving Scheme, Contributions of Developing Partners, Health Care Financing Strategy of Bangladesh, Equity in health care financing, Horizontal and Vertical equity, Kakwani index, Suit index
-The market for physicians’ services: Medical school capacity and concepts of physician shortage and surplus, Physician supply in the long run, Physicians’ short run decisions, Price discrimination
– Hospitals: Context, Alternative models of hospital behavior, Hospital ownership and performance, Regulations of hospitals, An alternative toregulating hospitals
-Quality of care and medical malpractice: Markets and market failure, Characteristics of health care quality, Adverse events and negligent injuries, Supply side quality of care safeguards and government oversight and regulation, Mandatory error reporting, Tort law as a mechanism for improving patient safety and health care quality, Medical malpractice
– Health System Responsiveness: Prompt attention, Dignity, Clear communication, Autonomy, Confidentiality, Choice of provider, Quality of basic amenities, Access to social support networks.

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