– Introduction to Health Economics: what is economics? Causes of market failures and need for health economics, what is health economics, the scope and importance of Health Economics, Factors accounting for the growth of health economics, Important institutional features of health care
– Demand for Health Care: Demand, Profits and Health Policy Targets, Consumer choice theory, Demand functions, Modelling choices about health, Needs, wants demands, Asymmetry of information and imperfect agency, Aggregate demand for health care
– Production and cost of health care: The theory of production, Multi- product firms, Returns to scale, additivity and fixed factors, Costs
– Supply of Health care:Firms, Markets and industries in the health care sector of the economy, Structure, conduct and performance in healthcare industry, Profit maximization models, Goals other than profit maximization
– Markets, Market failure and the Role of Government in Health care: Using perfectly competitive markets to allocate resources, Market failures in Health care (Externalities, Caring externalities, Market power, Public Goods, Information imperfections), Government intervention in health care, Government failure
– Agency relationship and supplier induced demand:agency relationship and Information asymmetry, market for lemons, Imperfect agent and supplier induced demand (SID), different models of supplier induced demand
– Theory of role of non-government organization in health
– Economics of health insurance:Uncertainty in Health Care, Attitude to risk, Diminishing marginal utility of income, The demand for health insurance, Risk pooling, The supply of health insurance, Market for health insurance, Health insurance market failures
– Macroeconomics and health: investing in health, the relationship between ill health and poverty, health in other policies, SDGs.

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