-Introduction: Brief profile of recent history, Growth and Structural Change, Population growth, Labour force and its distribution, Growth in GDP and per capita income, Structure and composition of GDP, Macroeconomic changes since independence
-Agriculture Sector: Definition, structure and growth of agriculture and it’s importance in the national economy ,The resource base and the production organization, Factors behind growth, Agricultural asset distribution, Agricultural credit performance, Co-operative strategies for development, Changes in agricultural policies
– Industrialization: Definition, structure and growth of industries, Categories of industries: large, small and cottage industries, A comparison of different industries, The public and private sectors, Experiences with nationalization, de-nationalization and privatization, The liberalization regime, Foreign exchange regimes and industrial growth, Problems and prospects of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).
– External Sector: Trade and Debt: Trade gap and external debt, Exports : growth and composition, Imports : growth and composition, An assessment of export and import policies , Balance of Payments and foreign exchange reserves, External aid and debt situation, GATT and its impact
– Fiscal Sector
– Financial Sector
– Physical Infrastructure
– Poverty and Income Distribution
– Human Resource Development

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