– Economic Thought Before Adam Smith
Science, Ideology and Paradigms in History of Economic Thought, The Economics of Mercantilism, Precursors to Smith: Some Important Themes, The Contributions of Physiocracy
– Classical Theories of Value, Growth and Distribution
Smith and Ricardo on the Theory of Value, Later Subjectivist Theories of Value, Classicalists on the Determinants of Economic Growth, Classical Theories of Income Distribution
– Classical Economics on Money, Banking, and Policy
Classical Monetary Theory, Classical Public Finance, Say.s Law, .Gluts., and Business Cycles, Classical Economic Policy in Theory and Practice
– Marxist Economics: Classical Or Not?
Marx and the Labor Theory of Value, Marx.s Theory of Money, Marx on Distribution, Marx.s Theory of Capital Accumulation and Crises
– Marginalists, Marshall, and Late Neoclassical Economics
Marginalist and Walrasian General Equilibrium Analyses, Late Marshall on Money and Credit, Wicksell and Fisher on Interest Rates, Schumpeter, Fisher, &Kalecki on Business Cycles
– Keynes. Theory of Money, Investment, and Cycles
Keynes vs. Say.s Law and Classical Economics, Keynes. Theory of Investment, Keynes on Money and Speculation, Keynes on the Business Cycle
– Neoclassical Synthesis and Monetarist Challenge
The Hicks-Hansen-Samuelson IS-LM Transformation, Phillips Curve Debates, Friedman’s Fundamental Monetarist Propositions, Critiques of Monetarism
– Economic Thought at Historical Crossroads?
Rational Expectations, Real Business Cycles & Efficient Markets, Hyman, Minsky.s .Financial Instability Hypothesis., Understanding .Epic. Recession and Financial Crisis, 2007-09

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