-Health care financing and Universal Health Coverage: What is health care financing? The concept of universal health coverage, the path towards universal health coverage.
-Health care financing framework: Third party payers, Reimbursement, Intregation between third- party payers and health care providers, Options for health care financing
-Health care financing strategy: the goals and objectives universal health coverage, the strategies, the current status in Bangladesh
-Overview of National Health Accounts: What are NHAs?, Classification of function, Classification of provider, Health Financing Schemes, Financing Agents, Bangladesh National Health Accounts
-Introduction to economic evaluation of health care: Need for public sector interventions, and efficiency of health service delivery, importance of economic evaluation of health care
-Types of economic evaluation: Partial economic evaluation and full economic evaluation,
-Cost analysis: Selection of cost, Estimation of cost, discounting and annuity factor
-Full economic evaluation techniques: cost minimization analysis, cost effectiveness analysis, cost utility analysis and cost benefit analysis
-Outcome measurement: Measuring health in economic evaluation, HALYs, QALYs, DALYs

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