– Basic pharmacology
-Concept of health: WHO definition of health, Positive health, Changing concept of health, concept of well being, Health sickness spectrum, Component of well being
-Concept of disease: Definition, Ecological triad of disease, Disease cycle, Spectrum of disease, Health problem of Bangladesh, International classification of disease
-Concept of disease prevention and control: Level of prevention, concept of control- Elimination-Eradication, Hard immunity, EPI, NID.
-Introduction to communicable disease: Disease chain, Principle of prevention and control of communicable disease, Disease of GIT – Respiratory – STD – Arthropod diseases.
-Non communicable diseases: Risk factor s for NCD, HTN, CHD, DM, Cancer
-Food and Nutrition: Definition of food – Nutrition – Diet, Division and sub division of nutrient, Source-requirement- deficiency of vitamin & minerals, Dietary goals, Nutritional status assessment method, Nutrition program of Bangladesh.
-Maternal and child health care: Definition, components of MCH, Indicators of MCH care
-Basic demography: Demography statistics- CBR, CDR, Death rate, Birth rate, GFR, TFR, GRR, NRR, Growth rate

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