Israte Zahan Kakoli

Biography: Israt studied Social Sciences in Economics at University of Dhaka and graduated in 2006. She obtained her Master of Social Sciences (2007) from University of Dhaka and Master of Arts in Economics (2014) from Carleton University, Canada. She was appointed lecturer in Economics at Stamford University of Bangladesh in 2009 and moved to Jagannath University, Dhaka in that position in 2011. She was appointed Lecturer in the Institute of Health Economics, University of Dhaka in 2015 and promoted as Assistant Professor in 2016.

Teaching: “I currently teach third year Microeconomic Theory for Health Sector. I have taught Macroeconomic Theory for Health Sector at undergraduate level and Advanced Economic Theory for Health Sector at Masters level at the Institute of Health Economics. I love to study and teach, so I always try to teach my students with love and pleasure; and try to relate the theory to real world especially to the health sector.”
“I have also taught Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Macroeconomics, Statistics for Economists, Econometrics, Labor Economics when I was a teaching assistant at Carleton University and appointed in Stamford University and Jagannath University.”

Research: Israt’s research interest is on Health Economics, Labor Economics and Econometrics. Currently she is working on health care expenditure, maternal, neonatal and child health status; and has published different articles on gender wage differentials, internal migration, poverty and maternal care utilization.

IsratJahan Kakoly
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IsratJahan Kakoly
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IsratJahan Kakoly
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Mohammad Iftekher Hossain
IsratJahan Kakoly
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IsratJahan Kakoly
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IsratJahan Kakoly
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