-Introduction to Public and Health Management: Defining public and health sector management, Size and scale of management public service organizations, Relationship between public sector, private sector and public service, Context of change in public management, Features of New Public Management, Critiques of NPM
– Explaining Public Management: From bureaucracy/administration to management, Markets, hierarchy and networks, Prospects for public management
– International comparisons of public management: Comparative analysis, Typology of national public management, International case-studies
-Governance: Forms of governance (eg. boards and non-executivess), Tension between collaboration and competition, Multi-level governance, Shift from government to governance (eg.distributed power within networks)
– Policy analysis: formulation and implementation: Notions of the policy process, Policy `failure’, Models of policy implementation
-Organisational change and restructuring in the public sector: Stakeholders in reform, Modernisation and public service reform, Organisational culture
-The private sector in public services: Bangladesh privatisation in 1980s / 1990s, Privatisation in global context, New forms of private sector involvement: Public/private partnerships, PFI
-Reform of central government: Basic functions of government, Changing role of the state, Changing conceptions of the role of government, Joined-up government, Regulation
-Decentralisation in the public sector: Impulses for decentralization, Assumptions of decentralization, Typology of decentralization, Decentralisation and centralization

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