– Dynamic optimization and growth: Review of differential equations and phase diagrams; review of optimal control theory; The calculus of variations and dynamic programming
– Consumption and investment: Review of basic consumption theories (permanent-income hypothesis, life-cycle hypothesis); Consumption under uncertainty: Random Walk hypothesis, consumption and risky assets, review of investment theories; Investment model with adjustment costs.
-Unemployment: Theories of unemployment; the Shapiro-Stiglitz Model; Implicit Contracts; Insider-Outsider Models; Search and Matching models.
-Inflation and monetary policy- monetary policy and the term structure of interest rate, the dynamic inconsistency of low-inflation monetary policy; seigniorage and the costs of inflation.
– Growth Theories: Introduction to Growth Facts and Growth Models; Solow growth model; models of endogenous growth; research and development models; role of human capital, technological change and labour supply; research and development spillovers; Overlapping Generations model; growth accounting; Monetary growth model and non-neutrality of money
-Theories of fluctualtion- Real business cycle theories; the economics of Robinson Crusoe: intertemporal substitution of labor, technological shocks; neutrality of money; flexibility of wages and prices.

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