-Introduction: Definition, Scope and Importance of Pharmaceutical Economics
-Demand: Demand for Pharmaceutical Products Vis-A-Vis other Commodities, Determinants of Demand of Pharmaceutical Products, Health Insurance Vs Demand for Pharmaceutical Products, Price Discrimination of Pharmaceutical Products, Market Entry of Generic Drugs and Its Impact on Demand of Patent Drugs, And Therapeutic Equivalence and The Generic Competition Paradox
-Promotion (Advertising) And Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products: Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products Vis-A-Vis Other Commodities, Pharmaceutical Promotion Policies, Impact of Aggressive Marketing on Demand, Price and Quality of Pharmaceutical Products
-Pharmaceutical Industry: Structure of the Industry, Role Of R&D, Product Development Cycle and Patient Policies, Vertical and Horizontal Integration of Pharmaceutical Firms
-Market Structure of Pharmaceutical Products
-Pricing of Pharmaceutical Products: Pharmaceutical Prices and Pricing Models, E.G., Regulation of Mark-Ups in Pharmaceutical Supply and Distribution Chain, Costs Plus Pricing Formulae, External Reference Pricing
-Pharmaceutical Policies: The Public Choice Model of Policy Making, Pharmaceuticals, Cross National Price Differences, Drug Policies and the Politics of Essential Drugs in Bangladesh
-Regulations: Government Regulation and the Drug Administration, Patent Protection, New Drug Introduction, Generic Products Approval of New Drugs, Pricing of New Drugs, Drug Policy and The Politics of Essential Drugs in Bangladesh
-Economic Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Products: Cost-Effectiveness, Cost-Utility and Cost-Benefit Analysis, Mrakov Modeling, and Measurement of Outcomes

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