– Introduction: Historical background of health and Public health, Concept of health and Public health, some basic definitions in public health
– History and development of public health
– History and development of Epidemiology
– Types, Uses and Objectives of Epidemiology
– Determinants of Health: Different types of indicators
– Basic Concepts of Health and Disease: Communicable Diseases, Outbreak investigation
– Immunization and herd immunity
– Prevention of disease in Epidemiology
– Context of health policy: Trends in world health, demographic and health trends in Bangladesh compared to selected SEA countries
– International Development Targets for Health: ICPD objectives, Millennium Development Goals, status of Bangladesh regarding the achievement of targets
– Epidemiological Causation of Disease
– Dynamics of Disease Transmission
– Early Warning Response System
– Measures in Epidemiology
– Validity and Reliability
– Epidemiological Research Design
– Cross sectional-Case control and Cohort Study
– RCT and Quasi Experimental Study
– Bias, error and confounding in epidemiological research.
– Outbreak Investigation
– Epidemiological Surveillance
– Applied and Clinical Epidemiology
– Ethical issues in PH & epidemiological Research
– Public Health Programmes in Bangladesh.

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