A: Accounting
– Accounting in Action
– The Recording Process
– Adjusting the Accounts
– Completion of the Accounting Cycle
– Accounting for Merchandising Operations
– Inventories
– Financial Statement Analysis
– Managerial Accounting
– Job Order Cost Accounting
– Process Cost Accounting
– Cost-Volume-Profit Relationship
– Budgetary Planning
– Budgetary Control and Responsibility Accounting
– Performance Evaluation Through Standard Costs
B: Management
– Effective Management for Managers Today – Introduction to Management and Organizations. Management Yesterday and Today. Organizational Culture and Environment: The Constraints. Social Responsibility and Managerial Ethics
– Management Functions and Techniques – Decision-Making: The Essence of the Manager’s Job. Foundations of Planning, planning tools and techniques. Organizational Structure and Design. Human Resource Management. Managing Change and Innovation. Understanding Groups and Teams. Leadership skills. Foundations of Control. Operations and Supply Chain Management
– Contemporary Management Competencies – Time Management Skills. Effective Communication Skills. Problem Solving Skills. Crisis Management

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