Information and Resource Centre
A Resource Centre encompassing a computer network, documentation system and data archives is being established within the Institute. The Resource Centre will collect, document and store data sets on health sector issues from data collecting organizations, and will collect research materials. It will facilitate the researchers and health sector policy makers with data and information collected from within and outside the country.

Linkages with Other Organizations/ Seminars
The Institute organizes seminars and workshops to discuss different health policy and health economic issues. These workshops are held in collaboration with national and international organizations conducting research and funding projects in the Health and Population Sector, particularly those addressing the health policy and health economic issues.

The Institute has established linkage with national and international agencies, organizations, and academic institutions. Through such linkage, faculty members of the institute are supporting in research and training activities of other academic institutions and international research centers. On the other hand, through such linkage faculty members of the Institute are also receiving training and professional degrees from other institutions.