– Changing concepts of health and diseases from ancient concepts to modern concepts.
– Development of structure of Bangladesh Health Service from historical perspective.
– Important issues related to health: Access, Coverage, Efficiency, Equity, Quality, Safety, Sustainability, Right based equity.
– Better coverage initiatives- National strategy for adoption of SDG in health sector including achievements of past activities i.e. Revitalization of PHC, ESP, MDGs, etc.
– Structure of health care delivery system and health work force of Bangladesh.
– Community clinics and Domiciliary services
– Policy: Definition, Situation analysis for making policy, Basics of policy formulation, Health policy of Bangladesh past and present.
– Planning-: Principles of effective planning, Information requirement at different stage of planning, Basics of planning formulation (Steps, cycle, Broad senses etc), Economic appraisal/ sustainability analysis, Bangladesh ADP of health.
– Management: Fundamental of management, functions, principles, organizational models and organizational behaviour, supervision, controlling and evaluation
– HRD: Personnel management and human resource management, Conflict management, Change management, Performance appraisal, Career planning and career management in health sector
– Global health movement and International health regulations.

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